Heinz Hot Sauces Unveil New Look With JKR

Heinz Hot Sauces RangeHeinz has unveiled a new look for its three-strong range of hot sauces, with bright labels to reflect the colours of each sauce.

The set of sauces, ‘Peppery Habanero’, ‘Smokey Chipotle’ and ‘Tangy Jalapeno’, launched in October 2012, and the redesign has been handled by JKR.

The design also looks to make better use of food-specific descriptors, including food pairing suggestions on the front of the bottle.

Mark Blay, assistant brand manager at Heinz, said: “Heinz Hot Sauces provide a chilli taste adventure consumers can trust. With the chilli sauce category growing year-on-year, it’s clear we’re a nation of spicy shoppers, but we’re often still cautious about not wanting to add too much of a kick.

“Heinz Hot Sauces help consumers to enhance and not overpower their meals, and the new look makes it even easier for them to control how hot they want to go, from mild and tangy to full on fiery flavour.”

The hot sauces description focuses on the names of the chillies and the flavour properties inside each bottle.

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