Horlicks launches vegan malted drink!

Iconic British brand Horlicks is extending its popular range with the launch of its first vegan formulation, which is rolling onto shelves this month The new product extension marks the first time that Aimia Foods has entered a brand into the free-from category, and is the first hot malted drink brand to launch a vegan SKU in the European market.  

The Vegan Society Approved beverage will launch as a 400g jar in Asda’s dedicated vegan bay, RRP £3.49, in response to the growing consumer demand for dairy free, vegan friendly alternatives.   

Ericka Durgahee at the Vegan Society said: “We’re proud to register Horlicks’ first-ever free-from formulation with the Vegan Trademark. It’s brilliant to see a household brand demonstrating that dairy is not necessary to make a great tasting hot drink and that people can still enjoy their favourites without the use of dairy milk. We expect the vegan community to be as excited as we are!”

Michelle Younger, Marketing Manager for Horlicks states: “The new formulation is not just applicable for vegans but has been developed to cater for those who have dairy allergies. It’s great for kids and adults and still delivers a high recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals for which Horlicks is famous.”

The product formulation is based on the delicious taste of Horlicks Original, meaning consumers can add their favourite preference of dairy alternative milk, from almond to soy, coconut or oat milk. 

Trials have shown that the new product tests particularly well with popular barista alternatives, creating a thick, creamy and warming hug in mug with a delicious malty taste.

“We are keen to evolve the brand by building on our unique malty taste and heritage whilst offering new varieties which appeal to different tastes, formats and diets. The launch in ASDA earlier this month has been shared throughout the vegan online community, with an overwhelming response, with many lapsed consumers (due to allergy or diet choice), eager to enjoy their childhood favourite drink again.”

Horlicks was bought by Aimia Foods in April 2018. Dating back nearly 150 years, it is the oldest malted drink brand (in fact it is older than the tea bag which dates from 1904). 

Made in Britain since 1906, it has a strong British heritage, and formed part of the forces kit bag during WW2 due to its ‘complete and well balanced nourishment’.

Chocolate malt flavour SKUs were launched in 1985, and in March 2019 Horlicks launched Horlicks Dolce Gusto compatible Pods. 

The Horlicks range consists of:

·         Horlicks Original 300g and 500g jars, 2kg catering pack.

·         Horlicks Instant 300g and 500g jars, 400g refill pouch and 32g single serve sticks.

·         Horlicks Chocolate 300g and 500g jars and 32g single serve sticks. 

·         Horlicks Malted Milk Pods and Chocolate Malt Pods. 

·         Horlicks Vegan 500g jar.

With over 25 production lines across 225,000 sq.ft. of product site space, Aimia Foods has a broad range of manufacturing capabilities, with BRC A+ certification and food standards approval from multiple UK retailers.

Aimia Foods pack, manufacture and distribute a wide range of food and beverage products in a number of different packaging formats, with particular specialism in blending and manufacturing ambient, dry, powder-based products. 

Based in Haydock, Aimia covers a multitude of markets and categories for retail, cash & carry, food service, vending as well as offering a co-manufacturing service across the business.

Source: Horlicks

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