Hunt’s Brand Teams Up With Kraft Foods To Launch “Try, Share, Win!” Sweepstakes

CONAGRA FOODS, INC. LOGOConAgra Foods is bringing great taste and classic tomato goodness to your table with the launch of the Try, Share, Win! Progressive Sweepstakes. By featuring  easy and delicious weeknight recipes containing 100% natural Hunt’s tomatoes, the sweepstakes gives fans the chance to win thousands of prizes, including a grand prize of  $5,000 to host their own dinner party with celebrity Chef George Duran.

“To create a delicious meal for your family and friends, it’s important to start with premium ingredients, and for me that is most certainly Hunt’s,” said Duran. “A can of tomatoes is the perfect base for so many different types of recipes that can please anyone’s taste buds.  I am excited for fans to try the Hunt’s and Kraft Signature Recipes so they can learn how easy it is to create a great, quality meal.”

Hunt’s has teamed up with Kraft Foods Group to create nine recipes to add to the Hunt’s Signature Recipe Collection, all of which include both Hunt’s Tomatoes and Kraft Parmesan Cheese. These new recipes feature a variety of flavors and ingredients, including meals like Easy Chicken Parmesan, Chorizo Bolognese, Quick Tomato Risotto and more.  Each recipe was carefully crafted to bring rich flavors to the dinner table with the help of two classics families love – Hunt’s Tomatoes and Kraft Parmesan Cheese.

kraftBy trying these new recipes, fans can enter the Try, Share, Win! Sweepstakes for their chance to win one of thousands of prizes. First they choose a Hunt’s and Kraft Signature Recipe to try and upon their selection, they will receive a valuable digital coupon for one dollar off the purchase of any Kraft Parmesan Cheese and three cans of Hunt’s Tomatoes.

After trying the recipe, fans are urged to tell their friends about the new Signature Recipes and sweepstakes by sharing on Pinterest, Facebook or email for their chance to win a vegetable steamer or be entered to win the grand prize. As part of the progressive sweepstakes, the more fans that try and share recipes, the more vegetable steamers Hunt’s will give away.

“We are committed to providing our best tomatoes, which is why FlashSteam is so critical to Hunt’s,” said Tim Nangle, Brand Director for Hunt’s at ConAgra Foods. “We hope the sweepstakes will give our existing fans a chance to share their favorite recipes, while giving our new fans the opportunity to try some of our Signature Recipes for themselves.”

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