Indian Restaurant Reveals The Full Effects And Benefits Of Spices in Food

spiceThere are a wide variety of different effects that spices have on the body, both physical and mental.

Dining on spicy Indian cuisine is not just a treat for the taste buds, but for all of the body’s senses.

From a tingling on the tongue to the feel of cool perspiration upon the skin; everybody reacts to spice in different ways.

These effects are most noticeable in those who are uneducated in the ways of the spice.

The spice novice will often gulp water at a frantic rate and wipe sweat from their brow when tackling a particularly spicy dish.

These effects may seem superficial, but there are wide ranging benefits to be accrued from the consumption of spicy foods as well.

Spicy peppers such as the jalapeno and cayenne have been adopted by dieters due to the increased levels of metabolism that it incurs.

The higher the metabolism, the higher the rate at which fat is burned in a large number of cases.

It is not just the dieters who can benefit from the medicinal qualities of spicy ingredients.

The spices found in quality Indian restaurants are as numerate and varied as the people of India themselves.

The wide range of different climates allows for the cultivation of endless different spices and varieties thereof. The whole body can be treated to a bout of healthy living with spicy foods.

From hair to blood, heart to lungs; almost all organs inside and out can be treated to a healthy upkeep with sufficient spice in the diet.

The infographic reveals the use of mustard oil in India to help aid healthy hair growth in the bald and the balding.

Capsaicin, Cinnamon and Rutin can all aid blood flow and protect from dangerous clots building in the veins.

Various spices are found to be beneficial to heart health and can even protect against the development of cancers within the lung.

It is not just the physical wellbeing of a person that can benefit from a diet including a healthy dose of spices; the spice food fan can also be treated to a sense of mental wellbeing and satisfaction with the consumption of foods containing red peppers.

Turmeric is currently being tested for its potential benefits in helping patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

The hidden health benefits of spicy foods have promoted many dishes in the Indian cuisine to the status of super foods.

One of the UK’s most beloved Indian restaurants; Nawaab is dedicated to providing high quality cuisine to hundreds of guests every night and educating food fans of the permutations of Indian foods.

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