‘It Feels Good to Share’ by free sharing app OLIO in new nationwide TV campaign

OLIO, the free sharing app and creative agency HELL YEAH! have today launched an integrated campaign ‘It Feels Good to Share’, connecting millions of people to share unwanted food to combat food waste. 

OLIO | It Feels Good to Share | 30s TVC from Hell Yeah! on Vimeo.

Created by HELL YEAH! the campaign will run across Sky and Freeview channels throughout August.

The animated ad tells the story of two neighbours with common problems – Meghan has unwanted food and wants to clear space in her cupboards. Meanwhile Ella could make good use of her neighbour’s unwanted ingredients. Enter OLIO, a much simpler and common-sense solution to throwing unwanted items in the bin. The 30” spot ends with the strapline ‘It feels good to share’.

The campaign aims to make the most of the sense of community many have felt during the pandemic and aims to show how easy it is to reduce waste and share with neighbours. 

The OLIO app was created to combat one of the world’s biggest problems – food waste. Up to half of all food produced currently goes uneaten. The ad aims to increase awareness of the app and encourage consumers to sign up. OLIO is by no means limited to only sharing food, with many people choosing to share books, toys, kitchen equipment and much more.

Tessa Clarke, co-founder and CEO at Olio, said

“Since COVID we’ve seen an explosion in neighbourly sharing as more and more people are realising that there’s no reason to chuck perfectly good food, or other household items, in the bin any more. Going on TV was the next natural step for us as we’ve recently passed the milestone of 2 million OLIOers, and so we want to take our message that ‘it feels good to share’, directly into the home. We’ve really enjoyed working with HELL YEAH! on the animation and hope that audiences will love it as much as we do.’ 

Danny Murphy, account director at HELL YEAH! Said

‘Our founding principal is that we want to use advertising to spread positivity. We only promote products and services that we genuinely believe will make a difference to people’s lives and the world around us which is why we were so happy to partner with OLIO. We wanted to encourage people to download the app and get sharing. This isn’t some underground movement, the more people who use the app, the less waste there will be in our communities and that’s what we need right now’.

Source: HELL YEAH!

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