Jam Shed relaunches Mulled Wine Campaign ahead of Christmas

This winter sees the return of Jam Shed’s mulled wine recipe neck tags on its bestselling Shiraz.

Available in grocery, convenience and wholesale, the UK’s fastest growing top-50 wine brand[1] looks to tap into the key annual occasion by creating the ultimate Christmas moment at home with easy to follow recipes.

The Christmas period is incredibly valuable to wine sales, with approximately 27% of the year’s value going through the 12-week Christmas period[2.

Now worth £24.5M and reporting +120% value growth year-on-year[3], Jam Shed has seen phenomenal success since its first Shiraz SKU launched in 2017. It is now the UK’s 9th largest Australian wine brand and the third largest contributor in value to the Australian wine category[4] with the highest purchase frequency[5].

Packing a punch when heated; emphasising the hints of vanilla and cinnamon, Jam Shed Shiraz makes the perfect base for mulled wine. Positioned as an accessible way to create an easy and delicious recipe at home, Jam Shed’s mulled Shiraz can be enjoyed either alongside festive meals or at small gatherings.

Lindsay Holas, Brand Manager at Accolade Wines, said: “Lockdown has seen many drinking occasions shift back into our homes, and this year we’re sure consumers will want to try recreating this festive treat themselves. Our mulled wine recipe cards on each bottle will make it easier than ever. It also gives retailers the opportunity to cross category merchandise on the wine aisle to increase basket spend.”

Following last year’s huge success, the Jam Shed Mulled Wine campaign will see support from a combination of instore ad digital activity, including online recipe videos to follow at home.

Jam Shed Shiraz is available from £7 RRP in all major grocery stores, Spar, Amazon and Ocado now. Jam Shed has also partnered with a select group of pubs and restaurants to offer Jam Shed Mulled Wine in the On-Trade.

Source: Jam Shed

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