James White adds Rich and Fruity Prune Juice to its Classics range

With gut health, digestion and natural remedies being all the rage at the moment, it is time for Prune juice, with its longstanding reputation as an aid to bowel movements, to be introduced to a younger generation. Accordingly James White is adding a prune juice to its Classic range of juices.

“I think our prune juice tastes fantastic” says Lawrence Mallinson of James White. “And I am someone who freely admits to personally loathing prunes! The challenge is to get the juice tasted”.

The James White prune juice is made from the Ente variety of plums, the same variety as the world famous D’Agen prunes. Grown in sunny Chile, the carefully selected plums are first dried before being rehydrated with water to create a smooth and full-bodied juice.

Prune juice is delicious as a breakfast drink on its own but can also be the basis of both alcoholic cocktails (try a Caribbean Rumble (1 part white rum, 2 parts pineapple juice, parts prune juice and 2 parts sours) and non-alcoholic smoothies or juice blends (try 300ml prune juice, 1 banana, 1 celery stick 1 small apple (peeled). 

Source: James White Drinks

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