JDO create HELL YEAH hot sauce concept for Halloween

Hell Yeah – Hot Sauce for the Damned

To celebrate All Hallows’ Eve, JDO has created a chilling little concept, just for a bit of spooky fun!

Introducing HELL YEAH, a seriously intense hot sauce with a vampire’s bite that’s sure to get your blood boiling. Sinfully served in single-use sachets, this cursed condiment is not for the faint of heart. 

In a world where sharing is not caring, restaurants of every scale must now provide sachets instead of proper bottles of condiments and so JDO has transformed the humble in sachet into something a bit more amusing for their annual Halloween concept.

At first glance, you might see a red chilli pepper, but look again and you’ll see a vampire’s mouth – black lips, sharp fangs and a bloodstained tongue. Presented at the table in its own coffin, HELL YEAH invites the heat in a playfully provocative and enticingly irreverent way.

“We’re not short of hot ‘devil’ sauces that challenge us to handle the heat,” comments Andy Briscoe, Senior Creative at JDO. “But our HELL YEAH concept spins this category cliché into something immortally seductive. There’s always been a gothic sense of romance associated with a vampire’s bite, offering a heat so passionate, pleasurable and tempting, you’d be willing to die for it.”

JDO had so much fun designing HELL YEAH, that they thought…what if this nightmare continued through the whole dying, I mean, dining experience? Taking HELL YEAH to the next level, they unearthed a garlic-free burger experience that pushed the limits of all that is holy. In the vein of popular restaurants such as Meat Liquor, Dirty Burger and the Dip & Flip, it’s an idea that’ll certainly jolt consumers right out of their graves.

Sink your fangs into this…

Source: JDO

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