John Walker & Sons King George V Chinese New Year – A Limited Edition Pack by GPA Luxury

John Walker & Sons King George V is a blended whisky that was released to commemorate the Royal Warrant awarded to Johnnie Walker in 1934.

This year, the whisky is available to buy in a limited edition pack that celebrates Chinese New Year.

GPA Luxury constructed the pack from premium recycled grey board, and wrapped it in deep blue, core-dyed, uncoated paper. The red and gold embellishments on the exterior bring together the iconic Johnnie Walker branding with the lively imagery of Chinese tradition. Inside, the pack holds the King George V and a booklet of red envelopes, both of which nestle in cream PU leather fitments.

Julie Bramham, global brand director at Johnnie Walker, has praised the finished pack, saying: “The wonderful illustrations…are a fitting tribute to this exquisite whisky… We’re delighted to see it added to our Chinese New Year offering.”

Source: GPA Luxury

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