Journey Bar Shakes Up Their Savory Bars

Journey Bar shook up the bar aisle in 2012 when it broke away from the typical sweet nutrition bar flavors and launched its line savory flavored bars.

Now, Journey Bar is excited to announce significant changes to their product line, including: new flavors, a new softer and chewier texture, and more protein!

Journey Bar-1Additionally, Journey Bars are now all vegan and gluten-free. Journey Bar is set to debut their new and improved line at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA this March.

“We wanted to build on our idea of creating a savory, lower-sugar option for bar eaters and make an even better bar. Our customers told us they loved our flavors but wanted a softer and chewier texture,” said Chris Kerslake, CEO of Journey Bar.

“Some also asked for more protein and gluten-free options. We listened, and now we’re excited to launch our new, softer line of bars, which contain more protein and are all vegan and gluten-free. We’ve also added a couple of great new savory flavors – Sea Salt and Sesame Ginger.”

Why the world is ready for savory bars

Studies, including Mintel’s 2012 Nutrition Bar Report, show that consumers are getting tired of the same old bar flavors. Additionally, health articles are highlighting the fact that many sweet bars have similar sugar levels to candy bars.

Although the industry is shifting towards offering more and more flavor variety, the flavors are all still sweet. Journey Bar not only offers savory flavors that gives consumers the unique variety they are craving, but they also provide a lower sugar option to typical sugar-laden bars.

Why Journey Bars are healthy

Each Journey Bar is packed with almonds and a healthy blend of whole grains, including super foods like quinoa and amaranth, both ancient grains known to be high in protein and other nutrients.

With more calories coming from whole grains and almonds Journey Bars provide steady energy that lasts! Consumers will feel fuller for a longer period of time since whole grains and nuts take longer to digest than sugar.

Unlike other sweet bars, Journey Bars’ savory flavors are created with real herbs and spices which are filled with vitamins and minerals.

Basil in the Pizza Marinara bar contains vitamin K, iron, and calcium, while the turmeric found in the Coconut Curry bar also provides iron and vitamin B6.

These herbs and spices play a double role of creating delicious flavors and offering nutrients you wouldn’t normally find in bars.

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