Are you a fan of eating with your hands? Well you can now do so with all ease at KFC restaurants! Feel free to dig into your chicken with your fingers without having to think of the greasy consequences.

Imagine this: NO cutlery, NO rules, and NO complications at all. Just you, your finger lickin’ good KFC chicken and the ability to clean up – anywhere within your reach.  

For decades, KFC has been a brand that has pushed the limits of creativity for the love of its finger lickin’ good chicken. Through its relatable and quirky creative campaigns globally, KFC has not only cemented its place in everyone’s hearts but continues to prove why it is one of the all-time favorite restaurants amongst family and friends in the Middle East.

Now, to celebrate the freedom that comes with eating with your hands – and to emphasize that eating at KFC is always a fun and super casual experience, KFC got NAPKINIZED.

Using a special ink-resistant tissue paper, KFC turned their menus, placemats, food bags, posters, flyers, and even their cashier receipts into tissue napkins of different shapes and sizes.  A UV printer machine was customized to print on these special napkins and used a special bio-degradable and eco-friendly ink formula so that customers could safely use them.

Produced in the United Arab Emirates by TBWA\RAAD, KFC’s Dubai-based full-service agency, “NAPKINIZED” has started in Dubai and Beirut in February 2020 and is rolling out across more than 87 restaurants in the UAE and Lebanon.


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