KFC’s New Colonel Ray Liotta Finds Himself Torn Between Two Signature Flavours

In keeping with the brand’s rotating cast of unexpected celebrities portraying iconic founder Colonel Harland Sanders, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) announced the brand has tapped actor Ray Liotta, known for his iconic role in “Goodfellas” and currently the star of NBC’s “Shades of Blue,” as its new Colonel.

Like a house divided on game day, the latest Colonel can’t decide which authentic southern flavour to root for: sweet and tangy Georgia Gold honey mustard BBQ chicken, or spicy and smoky Nashville Hot chicken.

Competing for consumers’ taste buds, Georgia Gold and Nashville Hot offer two different, but similarly delicious and authentic southern flavours. Based on the tangy mustard-based BBQ found in South Carolina and Northern Georgia, KFC’s Georgia Gold is like a grown-up honey mustard BBQ – sweet with attitude. KFC’s Nashville Hot Chicken is spicy and smoky, full of flavour and heat. KFC was the first national quick service restaurant to offer Nashville Hot Chicken nationally in January 2016.

Liotta was selected for the role for his celebrated ability to play multi-faceted characters.

“When they asked me to take on twice the role of any Colonel before me, I thought ‘man, this is really going to be interesting and will be a role I haven’t been able to take on before,'” said Ray Liotta. “But as I got into character and put on that infamous Colonel moustache I really was able to have fun with it and enjoy playing the person that is seen in commercials and billboards across the nation.”

Georgia Gold honey mustard BBQ and Nashville Hot are the first of KFC’s authentic regional flavors the brand is exclusively bringing to restaurants across the country.

“With southern flavours like Nashville Hot and Georgia Gold, we can bring local culinary trends to a mass audience using the same hand-prepared cooking approach our founder, Colonel Harland Sanders, established more than 70 years ago,” said Bob Das, KFC US Head Chef.

Unlike the newest Colonel, KFC fans don’t have to pick a favourite flavour. Bragging rights for America’s favourite flavour are up for grabs, as both Georgia Gold and Nashville Hot are available in Extra Crispy Tenders, Chicken Littles and Extra Crispy Chicken at KFC restaurants across the country.

Advertising spots by Wieden+Kennedy featuring Ray Liotta as the new Colonel begin airing Sunday, September 10.

Source: KFC

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