Kyon Drinks Launches The PPINGER; The Soft Drink With A Big ‘Kick’

Dynamic new soft drinks producer Kyon announces the launch of The Ppinger; a bold and zesty, lightly sparkling 100% natural soft drink that delivers a delicious ‘kick’ sure to shake up the market – and the nation’s taste buds.

The UK non-alcoholic beverages market is a buoyant one, worth over £16.2 billion* in 2018. Juice based drinks claim the second largest share of this with 23.6%** behind category-leading carbonated beverages and with its fiery punch! Kyon believes new The Ppinger offers a refreshingly different alternative to overly sweet, non-alcoholic drinks. 

It all began in 2019 when Kyon Drinks Founder, Daniel Suppey, decided to create a bold and interesting ‘cocktail’ as an invigorating substitute to a regular canned drink for his non-drinking guests at a summer lunch party. “The The Ppinger was born out of necessity” he comments, “… as I couldn’t keep up with the demand from friends and family from just my kitchen!” Repeated requests for the drink led Daniel to take the plunge and make up a batch of 100 bottles to test demand… every 750ml bottle disappeared as soon as he could fill it! Realising he had something special on his hands, Daniel scaled up production and now makes an average of 5000 bottles each week.

Formulated around full body ginger extract, this all-natural beverage is complex and aromatic, leaving lingering warmth on the palate. Extracted from the fresh rhizome (root) of the finest ginger sourced from Peru and Costa Rica, The Ppinger also includes freshly squeezed lime plus apple juice and elderflower concentrates mixed with water to impart its distinctively bold yet appetising flavour. Developed to be enjoyed straight, this highly versatile drink makes an adventurous and fiery mixer too, whether blended in a smoothie, a ‘mocktail’, added to a classic gin and tonic or shaken with a little rum. 

Why ginger?

As well as being revitalising to the senses, ginger is a well-known antioxidant and immune booster making it the perfect choice for consumers looking for products with additional health benefits. Loaded with antioxidants – essential natural compounds that help prevent and reduce stress on the body’s DNA – ginger is also a potent anti-inflammatory. In addition, ginger has many other well-documented health benefits such as helping to settle tummy upsets, soothe travel and morning sickness and ease digestion. 

With consumers now being far more aware of the sugar content of their drinks, The Ppinger contains only low levels of naturally occurring fruit sugars. Made in the UK it is also gluten free, contains no added preservatives and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 

The bright and zesty green and gold recyclable packaging reflects the brand’s vitalising ingredients, while the clear glass bottle ensures consumers can see the fresh and vibrant natural contents. 

Source: Kyon

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