Lewis Moberly announces design that has taken the U.S. pet food market by storm

International brand design agency Lewis Moberly, along with the Partners of Honey I’m Home, today celebrate their DBA Design Effectiveness Award by unveiling their award-winning work: Honey I’m Home! – a range of dog treats that, in just 16 months, has transformed the by-products of India’s village buffalo farmers into a range that has taken the pet food market by storm.

Mary Lewis, Creative Director at Lewis Moberly, commented: “In the highly-sophisticated and technologically-innovative $24.6bn US pet food market, the business challenge was to find a way in which to make the low-tech by-products of India’s meat industry – lungs, tracheas and ears for example – and use them to create a new brand capable of becoming a significant, top-tier player.”

Lewis Moberly’s strategy and design team worked collaboratively with the four-person startup client team, to build a brand from scratch; the clear objective was to conceive a visual identity and packaging design that emotionally connected and resonated with dog owners, whilst sustaining a significant price premium over similar products.

Source: Lewis Moberly

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