Limiano launches into the Portuguese snacking industry with new design by Lewis Moberly

Market-leading Portuguese cheese brand, Limiano, launches its first range of snack pots, Pausa, featuring structural and brand design, by award-winning design agency, Lewis Moberly.

A new market for Portugal

Lewis Moberly was challenged by Bel Groupe Portugal to help create a new category in the Portuguese snacking market. Limiano Flamengo cheese slices are #1 in Portugal, loved across all generations and a staple in every household.Currently, only 6% of cheese on sale in the Portuguese market is in the ‘on-the-go’ snacking category. Limiano saw an opportunity to create a range of snacks featuring their cheese along with a healthy combination of dried fruit and nuts. Aimed at young adult, health-conscious and time-poor consumers, looking for a convenient, guilt-free and protein-rich snack to eat on-the-go or at their desk

Creating a new sub-brand for Limiano

The task was to create a new pillar within the existing, much loved Limiano brand

Engaging, bespoke hand lettering for the Pausa logo sits alongside bright, joyful ingredients photography.  Creating a sense of lightness and modernity with strong taste appeal.  The clear pack structure ensures honesty in the ingredients – you taste what you see! 

Joanne Smith, Design Partner, Lewis Moberly commented: “Limiano Pausa needed to be both disruptive and easily recognisable as part of the Limiano family, cementing Pausa as a standalone range, to be extended in the future.”

Liliana Parreira, Marketing Manager Limiano commented: “We wanted to innovate the on-the-go cheese category with Pausa – all while ensuring that the new sub brand is still identifiably Limiano and resonates with the brand values. The brand design and packaging balances these tensions carefully – meeting practical needs whilst creating a design system that captures flavour and appeals to the ever-growing market of health-conscious snackers.”

The clear two-compartment thermo-formed container was designed to be ergonomic and easy to hold whilst on-the-go. Further, in order to align with Bel Portugal’s goals, the structure is also fully recyclable and incorporating recycled materials! To accomplish this, Lewis Moberly worked in close collaboration with the client, manufacturer and technical team to create the optimal shape, whilst employing a semi-transparent peel-off lid, to carry the iconic graphics.

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