Made for Drink Teams Up With Cult Hot Buttery Toast Accompaniment, Gentleman’s Relish To Create The Ultimate ‘Unami Bomb’ Crisp

Daring flavour profiles has never been an avenue that Made for Drink has been unwilling to head down, so when the opportunity came to team up with 007’s favourite hot buttered toast soulmate, Dan and his team of Thursday night snacking enthusiasts knew they had to jump at the chance.

The memorably named Gentleman’s Relish, otherwise known as Patum Peperium (pepper paste) is a cult accompaniment with an ardent following akin to Marmite, a stylish hot toast companion targeting gentlemen of standing born back in 1828 when John Osborn created the ultimate unami bomb; a heady blend of butter, anchovies (60%), herbs and spices.   

According to Dan Featherstone‘We’ve long craved creating an unapologetic crisp that packs a real punch so jumped at the chance to work with such a noble flavour that to this day retains a devoted following within a number of the UK’s more discerning food aisles, delis and food halls.  Putting aside the fact that Gentleman’s relish undoubtedly has one of the world’s most memorable straplines in UK foodiedom ‘the height of good paste,’ Made for Drink has an ongoing responsibility to unearth hidden foodie gems and take them to a wider, food appreciative audience.  A like-minded alliance between English Heritage, Gentleman’s Relish and Made for Drink makes perfect sense to all parties.’

Available from June 23 this most lively of ‘flavour unions’ that will appeal to inquisitive taste buds of all ages will bring something truly distinct to Made for Drink fine snacking fraternity

The Gentleman’s Relish spokesman is also overjoyed with this adventurous food union!

‘We are extremely proud to be collaborating with the Made for Drink and English Heritage. It is an ideal partnership that celebrates our shared passion for flavour and product quality. Together, we believe we have created the perfect crisp, which is packed full of flavour…Prepare yourself for a snack adventure like no other, where flavour takes centre stage, and every bite is a sensory revelation.’

Gentleman’s Relish is available in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Booth’s, Ocado, and Independent Farm Shops and Delis nationwide. Available in 42.5g (£2.00 RRP) & 71g (£3.00 RRP). 

Source: Made for Drink

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