McDonald’s to Introduce Cherry Blossom-Inspired Burger in Japan for Spring

McD-Japan1Spring in Japan is marked by the arrival of pretty pink cherry blossoms, and this year, McDonald’s Japan is planning to introduce a sakura-inspired burger to celebrate the occasion.

It will debut the ‘Sakura Teritama’ burger that features a pink-tinted bun and is filled with a fried egg, ginger teriyaki pork patty, lettuce and sakura daikon radish mayonnaise sauce. The fast food giant will also sell ‘Sakura Cherry’ sodas and floats and deck out its stores in cherry blossoms.

The cherry blossoms are expected to appear on 20 March 2014 and after a long and cold winter, most Japanese will surely welcome the warmer weather.

If you’re in Japan, consider heading down to the nearest McDonald’s for a bit of spring cheer.


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