McKinney Launches 2022 Food Trends Report

Report to serve as road map for marketers to understand consumer consumption trends

Today, creative agency, McKinney, launches this year’s 2022 Food Trends Report. The report is a road map for marketers who want to understand what consumers are putting into their bodies to understand what makes them tick.

2022 is the year after the storm, but not necessarily the calm we were looking for after 2021. This was the year where we saw just how interrelated everything really was, how supply chain issues all the way around the world could stretch budgets in Scranton, PA… or how deeply tied together economic justice, from labor shortages to labor rights, were tied to racial inequality in the United States, how something as big as global warming could impact local communities in deeply tangible, destructive ways.

The report answers a long list of questions and also addresses serious topics like how restaurants are changing their labor practices and what start-ups are doing to fight food insecurity.

The report trends range from humorous to serious, and ladder up to 2022’s macro-trend, “collective convergence,” the idea that people are grappling with how to help themselves and the collective at the same time.

The report answers questions such as…

  • What is the “other” edible weed that many are calling the next soy? 
  • Are worm cleanse challenges actually taking off ? 
  • Can you have your plate and eat it too?
  • Can your 3-D printer cook you dinner?
  • What consumer packaged goods are being made from food waste? 
  • Which brands are eating each other’s lunches in the metaverse?
  • What’s the next soylent?

You can check out the Food Trends microsite here

Source: McKinney

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