Modern Paleo Meats Online Store Opens for Business Offering 100% Grass-Fed Meats like Buffalo, Beef and Lamb for the Health Conscious Consumer

“Modern Paleo Meats is dedicated to providing the best available 100% grass-fed meat products that are healthy for you, healthy for the environment and that come from animals raised in their natural environment and treated humanely.

In our opinion, we have sourced the best ranches and farms in the country and we are proud to be able to bring their products to our customers,” says Michael, owner and founder of Modern Paleo Meats.

Wanting to eat healthier meat products and constantly being disappointed with the lack of readily available 100% grass-fed products, Michael created Modern Paleo Meats online store to source and then to provide the best grass-fed meat products available in the country. Notes Michael, “We insist that our suppliers must be able to confirm definitively that the animals are raised on only grass, didn’t spend their last weeks in stressful confining pen stocks, are never given any added hormones or antibiotics and are certified at USDA facilities.”

FandB news asked Michael: “How are you able to confirm that the animals are only grass fed? Word of suppliers or do you have another undertaking from them?”


1) When looking or suitable suppliers for Modern Paleo Meats I began with a website called that is dedicated to grass-fed foods and facts. They have a very comprehensive directory of suppliers with explanations of their animal husbandry practices and any claims the suppliers make. They also have many articles and things regarding what is and what is not 100% grass-fed.

2) I interviewed many suppliers from the above website, too many to keep track of :), and discussed with them, in detail, their own practices – many going out of their way to emphasize their credentials. From this list I selected the suppliers that I was most satisfied with their claims, that were large enough to service my business and were highly professional.

3)I also reviewed their websites and noted any claims they made such as being part of the Sustainable Harvest Alliance or approved by the USDA Grass Fed Standard (Montana) or the USDA Process Verified Program, etc.

The growing popularity of grass-fed buffalo, grass-fed beef and grass-fed lamb like that provided by Modern Paleo Meats is an increasing trend with those concerned about the quality and safety of the meat they are eating and serving their families. is now open for business to serve this growing consumer category.

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