MozzaRisella launches Yo-Ger, the first vegan yoghurt alternative made from sprouted brown rice

MozzaRisella, the first and only product line from germinated brown rice grown by organic farming has launched Yo-Ger in the UK. The vegan yoghurt alternative is not only free from lactose, gluten, nuts and soya, but also benefits from the health advantages of using purely sprouted brown rice to maximise nutrition. Yo-Ger is available in four flavours – neutral, strawberry, maracuja & mango and peach & apricot, and is suitable for everyone – celiac, lactose intolerant, allergic to certain ingredients or those simply wanting to improve their health and wellbeing.

Brown rice sprouts contain high percentages of minerals, vitamins, mineral salts and other beneficial substances such as essential fatty acids and fibre. They are more digestible as the proteins of the grain are pre-digested by the enzymes, breaking down into amino acids, which are easier and faster to digest and assimilate. With food allergies estimated at 70% and continuing to rise globally, the absence of food allergens makes the yogurt alternative a particularly fitting option for those who choose a plant-based diet.

The company uses an all-natural process that maintains the nutritional profile of the ingredients and keeps the high amino acids content.  The rice is grown in permaculture respecting and preserving the environment, and afterwards the brown rice is sprouted without any processing to keep all the natural nutrients.

“We are excited to bring this innovative product to the UK food market. As the only yogurt alternative made from sprouted brown rice available in the market, it is not only suitable for vegan consumers, but anyone looking to improve their health and help the environment”, says Franco Vessio, Co- Founder of Mozzarisella.

Sprouts help the body to function properly – they contain living and vital metabolic enzymes that help the body to stay healthy. Laboratory analysis of the brown sprout rice products shows that the amino acid composition and micronutrient contents are similar to that found in human breast milk, with 22 amino acids including gamma-oryzanol or gamma-aminobutyric, as well as minerals, vitamins and proteins. 

As the only brand of its kind currently available on the food market, MozzaRisella is turning this superfood into a variety of products such as cheese, ready meals, yoghurt and ice cream alternatives and is quickly gaining popularity with plant-based eaters as well as high street food chains, melted on vegan pizzas at Pizza Express, Zizzi or Ask Italian.

Source: MozzaRisella

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