Mrs. Fields Launches “Mrs. Fields Moments” to Bring Loved Ones Together

Interbake Foods Mrs Fields Cookies USOMrs. Fields Famous Brands (“Mrs. Fields”) and Interbake Foods (the company responsible for the manufacture and sale of Mrs. Fields branded pre-packaged cookies sold at retailers throughout North America) kicked off “Mrs. Fields Moments,” a national campaign in the U.S.A, inspiring busy cookie lovers to slow down and enjoy a cookie moment with loved ones.

At a time when obligations leave precious little time for the ones that matter most, Mrs. Fields is encouraging a nationwide movement to dedicate Sunday night to cookie moments with family and friends.

Mrs. Fields wants every cookie lover to embrace and share their #mrsfieldsmoments – from milk-and-cookies to bedtime treats – and has provided fun and useful tools for doing so here.

uso-cookies-mrs-fields-kidsMrs. Fields is a Proud Supporter of the United Service Organizations, and “Mrs. Fields Moments” builds on the Organization’s “Every Moment Counts” campaign, which helps all families – military and otherwise – make the most of every moment together.

“When you buy Mrs. Fields cookies, you’re not just buying a cookie: You’re helping create moments that matter for troops enduring long deployments,” said Kevin McDonough, President of Interbake Foods. “By buying a box of Mrs. Fields cookies, you help give a cookie moment for you and for them. It’s a touch of home to those who need it most.”

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