Naked Smoothies encourages its drinkers to ‘Be More Naked’ in bold new brand campaign

This Week, Naked Smoothies has launched a new brand campaign, ‘Be More Naked’, to promote its entire range of smoothies: Naked Machines, Naked Lean and Naked Zing. ‘Be More Naked’ brings to life Naked’s new brand positioning and new brand visual identity, via exciting new digital content encouraging people to have the confidence to embrace little moments of boldness in their everyday lives.

The executions rolling out in 2020 will include four six-seconds videos, the brand’s first ever partnerships with both Spotify and TikTok and will also be supported by a PR campaign.

The four six-seconds videos, created by creative agency Brave and BlinkInk directing duo Jonny & Will, are teeing up a 20-second and 10-second longer-form ads which will be launching in the New Year, timed for when the new Naked packaging will be on shelf. The fun, six-seconds videos give a sneak peek into the characters who will appear in the long-form ad next year and will be supported across a variety of social channels including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and VEVO.

The new campaign also introduces the brand’s first ever partnership with Spotify and TikTok. The partnerships, led by agency OMD, will focus on the brand’s newest product Naked Zing which has been specifically designed to shake up consumers’ morning with a citrus twist. The partnerships include the creation of bespoke, branded ads which will be served to consumers as part of a morning-focused Naked Zing strategy. The Spotify audio spots will run as part of morning-specific ‘Getting Ready’ playlists, whilst the brand has partnered with prominent TikTok creators to develop content aiming at kick-starting people’s mornings.  

The new brand campaign will also include a bold PR campaign, created by Splendid Communications, which will amplify the brand’s new positioning by aiming to help people be a little more bold, with Naked giving them the confidence they need in their everyday lives. 

“‘Be More Naked’ is all about having little moments of boldness”, says Charlotte Ashburner, Senior Marketing Manager at PepsiCo. “This new campaign is a bold move for Naked and marks the first time we’ve worked with partners like Spotify and TikTok or activated a PR campaign to support our new positioning, which we’re sure will resonate with consumers and shoppers.

Commenting on the creative, Paul Pearson, Creative Director at Brave, adds “‘Be More Naked’ is an ethos we should all try to live by – to be bold and liberated so we can be the most authentic, versions of ourselves. Not being afraid to show vulnerability and not being afraid to say how we’re really feeling. The campaign is really all about championing everyone to be their bold ‘Naked’ selves.”

The new content has launched this week across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and VEVO and for the first time ever across Spotify and TikTok and will precede Naked’s long form ‘Be More Naked’ content which will go live in the New Year. 

Source: Brave

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