Nescafe Launches New Variant Into Gold Blend Range

Nescafe Gold Blend is back on screens with a media campaign designed to drive trial and awareness of the range as well as the latest addition to its portfolio – Nescafe Gold Crema.

The brand will be aiming to reinforce its coffee credentials with a TV advert focusing on both Nescafe Gold Blend and Nescafe Gold Crema, which also hopes to help to drive incremental sales.

Airing until the end of March, the 30 second advert introduces Nescafe Gold Crema – a new smoother coffee for consumers to enjoy at any time of the day.

The new product delivers a layer of ‘coffee crema’.

Graham Walker, Nestle UK Trade Communications Manager, said:

“The advert aims to remind shoppers that Nescafe Gold Blend is the perfect addition to their day.”

“Although Nescafe Gold Blend is such an iconic brand that shoppers are already familiar with, we wanted to remind them that the range is just what they need during the day.”

“Now with our latest variety – Nescafe Gold Crema – shoppers can delight their taste buds with this exciting new, deliciously smooth and velvety coffee.”

As part of the £2.8million campaign, Nescafe will be featuring outdoor posters on the road side and at railway stations across the UK to ensure that the brand is front of shoppers’ minds.

In addition the brand will be sampling the range to over 25,000 people at shopping centres nationwide, encouraging purchase.

Graham continued: “With this in mind, retailers can capitalise on this activity by ensuring the Nescafe Gold Blend range, particularly Nescafe Gold Crema, is displayed in a prominent position on the hot beverage fixture so that they can see their sales perk up from this range as well as the wider category.”

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