Nescafe Puts The “Good” Back in “Good Morning”

For decades, NESCAFE has grown with the idea that everyone in the world deserves a great cup of coffee. For all the coffee lovers in the world, the first cup of coffee in the morning is undoubtedly an essential moment of their day. A ritual to which the world’s largest coffee brand has been associated for decades. 

‘Good morning’ is another universal moment of our everyday lives. We say ‘Good morning’ to our family, to our friends, to our colleagues, to everyone. And sometimes without thinking, just to be polite. A ritual we may have not said with meaning for quite some time.  

NESCAFE, with the help of Publicis Worldwide (Paris and Milan offices), launch the new ‘Good morning’ campaign, with the idea of bringing an optimistic ‘Good’ back into ‘Good morning’; a promise to a new beginning, a celebration of being together again and make the best of a new day. 

This campaign was produced by Prodigious almost exclusively from existing NESCAFE footage anchored in morning moments intertwined with the song ‘First Day of my Life’ that reminds us how good it feels to say ‘Good morning’ again.

Source: Publicis

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