Nestlé Purina launches sports nutrition range for dogs

Nestlé Purina is making it easier for sporty people and their dogs to exercise together with the launch of a new range of performance nutrition pet food.

The company is rolling out Purina Pro Plan Sport in the United States to help hone the fitness levels of healthy dogs that already enjoy an energetic lifestyle with their owners.

The range, which has been developed by animal scientists and nutritionists, comprises three different formulas: ‘active’ for dogs that exercise every day, ‘advanced’ for more athletic dogs, and ‘performance’ for those taking part in competitions.

The products are complemented by a new, free mobile application called ‘Purina Pro Plan P5’ that allows dog owners in the US and Canada to develop and track training activities with their pets.

Targeted nutrition

“More and more people in the US are taking part in activities such as half marathons and triathlons, and more of them want to exercise with their dogs,” said Steve Crimmins, Chief Marketing Officer for Nestlé Purina Pet Care.

“There are already many performance nutrition products to help people excel in sport.

“By giving dogs the right kind of nutrition, we can help promote their athletic abilities in the same way.”

Keeping fit

To inspire more people to keep fit with their pets, Nestlé Purina will be organising a series of special events across the United States in 2013.

Purina Pro Plan ‘performance camps’ will give dog owners a chance to learn more about dog sports, while the Purina Pro Plan ‘Incredible Dog Challenge’ competition will feature dogs taking part in events such as ‘flying disc’, diving and agility.

The Purina Pro Plan brand will also be sponsoring a variety of five kilometre running races for people and their dogs, and other pet-friendly runs and walks around the country.

Natural endurance

“Dogs have naturally high endurance, but unlike humans their main source of energy comes from fat, not carbohydrates,” Mr Crimmins continued.

“The Purina Pro Plan Sport products contain targeted levels of protein and fat to help promote strength and endurance to meet active dogs’ varying energy needs.

“Our aim is to help dogs and their owners go from ‘good’ to ‘great’.”

Exercise partners

Purina Pro Plan Sport is the latest innovation from Nestlé Purina to help pets and their owners improve their fitness together.

Last year the company teamed up with Nestlé’s Jenny Craig weight management business to launch Project: Pet Slim Down, a unique programme to help pet owners and their four-legged friends in the United States shed excess pounds.

Purina Pro Plan Sport is one of four new categories of Purina Pro Plan dog food designed to help dogs reach their full potential. The others: Savor, Focus, and Select, will also be available in the United States this year.

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