New Meat Free Range Launched In Waitrose

MTA-FINAL-V1-060113With the Tesco horse-meat scandal still fresh in the public’s mind, MTA Food couldn’t have chosen a better time to launch their ‘Meet the Alternative’ range.

Designed to capitalise on the continued growth in the meat free market, the products offer a welcome alternative as they are manufactured to look and taste like the meat equivalent and appeal to health conscious consumers actively looking to reduce their meat consumption.

MTA Food claims that after extensive research they now have a product that’s unique – the appearance; depth of flavour, texture and the taste is the closest possible to real meat.

Very strong consumer appeal in both pre and post tasting tests combined with a fully integrated trade promotion programme and extensive PR and social media are set to make the launch highly successful.

A highly skilled team of chefs and nutritionists will be developing a wide selection of healthy and flavoursome recipes, tips (online and print) and videos guaranteed to suit all tastes.

These recipes will help inspire MTA customers to create the right balance of great tasting and nutritious meals to a consistently high standard.

Launched in six varieties; Beef Style Mince, Beef Style Pieces, Chicken Style Pieces, Pork Style Sausages, Cooked Beef Style Wafer Thin Slices, Beef Style Meatballs, they are made from soya – a high quality plant based protein with an excellent nutritional profile, containing no artificial flavourings or preservatives.

The MTA range is packaged in clear trays with a large window area for clear visibility and the sleeves have been designed for merchandising in a portrait format for shelf space optimisation.

Rolling out in nearly all the Waitrose stores from mid-January, the business is currently in close discussions with the convenience and independent retail trade where confirmed listings are expected within the next three months.

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