No Guilt Bake’s New ‘MUG MIXES’ Bring Newfound Ketogenic Joy To Cake-Loving Commuters & Stay At Home Workers

A heady mix of happy USA University memories coupled with a long-standing commitment to bring convenient, low carb, ‘cakey joy’ to an increasingly ‘ingredient savvy’ audience, meant it was inevitable that a time would come when Taeya and Maya would want to add some guilt-free, ‘me-time’ Mug Mixes to their blossoming collection of tasty, ketogenic treats.

With growing numbers of employees slowly returning to their offices, Taeya and Maya were determined to bring a small slice of home comfort to any cake-loving commuters (or home-working cake connoisseurs) willing to succumb to their moreish cake cravings whilst staying true to their proud, high fibre/sugar-free convictions. 

This September sees the official launch of No Guilt Bake’s NEW, 3-strong Mug Mix Collection which consists of a Sublime Chocolate (4 net carbs per serving), a lightly spiced Carrot & a deliciously debonair Caramel (both 3 net carbs per serving)

According to No Guilt Bakes co-founder, Taeya Abdel-Majeed‘We’re convinced that the last few years working at home has given growing numbers of workers a new-found appreciation of small permissible treats, managing one’s dietary needs and recognizing that great taste and healthier living aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive goals.  Our young business’s ‘minimum effort, maximum joy’ mantra meant we wanted to trial the perfect self-contained, ‘me-time’ cake moment for any desk-bound worker who might not have access to a well-stocked canteen or a healthier living vending machine, but could find his or her way to a microwave and a fridge full of milk.’    

Although mug mixes have been big news on the other side of the pond for some while now, Taeya & Maya were both surprised just how quickly their 3-strong trial of mug-baked cakes has bedded down and become the young business’s most successful new product launch to date. 

‘For some,’ concludes Maya, ‘it’s the on-the-go nature of our mug mixes which fuels their far-reaching popularity, whilst for others it’s the depth of flavours and the fact that our cake mixes work with every imaginable milk, from cow and nut to oat and soya.  It’s also worth noting that our entire gluten-free range is accredited by Sugarwise, underlining our ongoing commitment to low sugar/only natural sweetener recipes.’

Source: No Guilt Bakes

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