noosa & BSSP Team Up To Get “Full on Tasty”

Visual ASMR and #OddlySatisfying are having a moment in meme culture, with more and more people looking for that next ‘satisfying’ fix. Delicious yoghurt brand, noosa, knows a thing or two about visually enticing content – leaning into this trend for its latest “Full On Tasty” campaign which launched yesterday, putting its beloved, products center stage. Created in partnership with its lead agency, Sausalito-based Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners (BSSP), this brand campaign is the first work to come out of this partnership which kicked off last October.

As the fastest growing brand in the yoghurt category, noosa continues to differentiate itself with high-quality, all-natural ingredients – from farm-fresh whole milk and real fruit to wildflower honey. Those real ingredients are front and center for this new initiative aimed at increasing awareness and trial of their star product.

“Full On Tasty” will appear national on connected TV, across social (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest – with earned and paid components), digital, with some out-of-home/shopper elements appearing in-store. A nod to the brand’s Australian roots, the new “Full On” tagline isn’t just Aussie lingo, it encapsulates noosa’s approach to their products – when it comes to the good things in life, there are no corners cut and no holding back, you can only go ‘full on.’ It will also set the tone for additional marketing and new product rollouts to come later this year.

Quote from BSSP, Anders Gustafsson: “We wanted to keep the playfulness of the noosa brand but elevate it to a more premium position in the yoghurt category. Combining luscious food photography with fun ingredient stories, we’ve created our own colorful and ‘Full on Tasty’ noosa universe.”

Source: BSSP

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