PEPSICO Uses Gamification Technology In The Search For The Next Generation Of Talent

PepsiCo, the global beverage, food and snack corporation, has partnered with leading creative technology studio Appetite Creative to put gamification at the heart of its graduate recruitment programme. 

“We worked with Agorize, the open innovation platform which connects talent and brands, to design a PepsiCo Games web based app experience,” said Jenny Stanley, MD at Appetite Creative.

“Built around 10 key brands, including Pepsi, Doritos and Walkers, the app experience runs alongside PepsiCo’s Dare To Do More programme, which challenges graduates to pitch a new food and drink idea. Participants have the opportunity to win rotational graduate roles at the company, as well as additional prizes,” said Jenny.

The Games app is positioned as an additional resource for those taking part, educating users about the PepsiCo portfolio of brands, as well as company history, via a selection of fully animated and dynamic games and challenges. Graduates can access branded selfie filters and are also encouraged to scan barcodes on PepsiCo products to educate themselves about the different brands and gain points, with the highest number of points winning a reward. 

Potential candidates can play a selection of games, chosen via a roulette wheel which include:

Pairs: Users will have to be able to match the correct brand name to its corresponding logo element. For example: match the Quaker text logo to the image of their mascot or match the Cheetos logo to the image of Chester the Cheetos cheetah. 

Juice Ninja: Players will have to choose between Tropicana or Naked – making sure to only slice the fruit branding that matches their chosen juice.

Quiz: Players’ knowledge of PepsiCo and its brands will be put to the test through a series of multiple-choice questions.

All games are fully animated, dynamic and come with a countdown timer, encouraging users to compete to earn points while fighting against the clock. 

“PepsiCo needed a solution that cemented it as a desirable place to work,” said Jenny. “We delivered this app in a way that looks brilliant, is enjoyable to use and gives us an edge when it comes to communicating with graduates in a way that comes naturally to them.”

“They wanted to introduce candidates to its brands and culture, boost their experience and engage them with the recruitment process,” continued Jenny. “Our solution – the PepsiCo Games web app – is a real asset to both sides of the recruitment process, while injecting fun. Our proprietary gaming technology allows candidates to benefit from inspiration and information to assist with their job application.”

Targeted at those interested in the PepsiCo graduate programme, applicants are encouraged to register via the web app URL. As part of its Dare to Do More promotional campaign, PepisCo shared the recruitment experience through key social media channels across Europe.

“The results were fantastic with the app a huge success among the candidates. Within the first two months more than 500 users registered, with almost 300 page views and an average session time of more than 8 minutes,” said Jenny. “Our proprietary gaming technology enabled the graduates to have fun during their application process, play the games hundreds of times, as well as learn more about PepsiCo and its portfolio of beloved brands.”

Source: Appetite Creative

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