P&G’S Bear Fruits ‘DARES TO BEAR’ With Digital-Led Launch And Awareness Campaign By Bulletproof

Bulletproof was appointed by P&G to Bear Fruits in May 2019 to help define the brand strategy, the visual and verbal Brand World, as well as a digital-led awareness campaign to support a broader brand launch, all with the intention of capturing the attention of Gen Z consumers.

Inspired by the face mask phenomenon, when it comes to pampering, the founders of Bear Fruits thought, why stop at your skin? Your mane needs some TLC too. Developing an innovative range of six fruitilicious hair masks with quirky caps, designed to bring the best deep conditioning treatments for grrreat hair results, while enjoying a Netflix or Girls Night in!

Bulletproof says: “We knew Bear Fruits would be an excellent partner to work with, as our entrepreneurial, agile and innovative ways of working could come together to drive meaningful disruption with this campaign.

“The brief was truly exciting and the perfect opportunity to create a digitally-led activation and awareness campaign and to tap into the minds of Gen Z. We needed to convey that it was more than just a hair mask. Instead, it was a way for people to create memorable and shareable experiences with people they care about: perfect for everything from virtual house parties to taking the time to relax and re-energise with their besties.

“Despite being a haircare product, we wanted to make Bear Fruits much more like a vehicle for fun that is all about bringing people together and enabling ‘we-time’. So, we developed the creative communication idea of ‘Putting life on paws with positively good company.’

Central to our launch campaign to drive awareness was the use of digital media, with each platform playing a distinct role in the overall strategy. We created a suite of assets for the brand that captured both the humour and playfullness of the brand while delivering against our core communication idea.

“In addition, we collaborated with a number of upbeat Creators on TikTok through a simple hashtag challenge, #daretobear, to convey the fun and sociable aspect of the brand and showcase the ridiculously fun caps in action. The campaign has received more than 3.4M views since the  launch, proving to be a hit with audiences.  

“For Instagram, we developed a Content Calendar for the brand’s own feed, providing guidance on the rhythm of posts to maintain energy and interest. In addition to the suite of assets, we created a series of bear gifs to bring the character to life for the platform. We also produced ‘How To’ videos and engaged with influencers who could showcase the product in use and energetically convey the unique experience it creates.

“To aid conversion, we generated a series of digital banners for eCommerce that emphasisedproduct benefit, as well as physical activation ideas, and a website look and feel.”

Enric Jimenez Prat, Founder of Bear Fruits comments: “Bulletproof were the perfect strategic partners to work with on bringing the Bear Fruits brand to life. Their innovative, disruptive creativity and agility has led to the delivery of an excellent digital launch campaign which perfectly reflects our vision for the brand and team.”

Source: Bulletproof

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