Pizza ATM Arrives in the USA at an Ohio College

Pizza_ATM1Technology has come so far. Augmented reality has become mainstream with Pokémon Go, and artificial intelligence is slowly getting more advanced.

Now, we finally have something that really matters – a pizza ATM.

Paline’s pizza ATM is exactly what it sounds like. You put $9 in the machine, and you get a 12-inch pepperoni, veggie, or cheese pizza in three minutes. The machine can hold 70 pizzas at a time. The genius invention is only available at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio for now, but who knows how many more will pop up.

Testing the #pizzaatm and these two lucky students had their first slice! #xavieruniversity

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Perhaps the best thing about this ATM is that it’s available 24/7.

Granted, a pizza ATM is nothing new; it’s been available in Europe for about 14 years. The Xavier University ATM is the first and only one in the USA.

You can order your own pizza ATM from Paline, but be warned, it costs $55,000 a pop.

The very first pizza from the new #pizzaatm! #paline

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