PURITION Adds A ‘Nutritional Powerhouse’ Banana To Its Eclectic Offer

This February sees Purition add a fruit bowl stalwart and ‘nutritional powerhouse’ banana to its constantly evolving flavour stable of healthy, ‘ready in seconds,’ whole food meals within a glass.


However, Purition’s introduction of a fruit flavour that annually tops the UK’s fruit popularity stakes (on average each of us consumes 10kg of bananas year) is far more than a polite nod to the humble banana’s unassailable popularity , nutritional prowess (excellent source of potassium, gut-supporting pectin/soluble fibre, B6 and vitamin C) or perpetual presence in inferior diet & ‘complete meal’ shakes and protein supplements.

According to Purition Co-Founder, Edward Taylor, ‘My primary motivation was a growing concern that a large number of our customers were adding a banana to their daily shake. Whilst undeniably delicious, this was leading to the addition of significant ‘free sugars’ that are counter-productive to those using our range for weight loss.  Eye-opening stats show that even a medium sized banana packs around 29g carbs, (including 15g of sugar) whilst our discreetly sweet, light and creamy shake provides a welcome banana fix with less than 5g carbs (including 2g of sugar).’

To the uninitiated, Purition is a versatile, wholefood nutrition made with an enviable blend of 70% ‘healthy fat’ seeds, nuts PLUS a premium whey OR plant based protein, (hence vegetarian & vegan friendly variants) that can be used to create shakes, smoothies, porridges, stir into yoghurt or add to any number of ‘healthy bakes’ that ably assist a variety of optimal long-term health ambitions; (including weight loss, muscle gain, improved nutrition…).  Purition is the ABSOLUTE ANTITHESIS of traditional, ultra-processed junk food alternatives that are riddled with unpalatable gums, thickeners, sweeteners and flavourings.

Source: Purition

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