Self Studio Creates Branding And Product Design For A New Plant-Based De- livery Service That Will Revolutionise Nutrition.

Delicious! Delivered! Divine!

Not the first three words you might associate with vegan food. Until Holy, a subscription service that brings vegan meals based on nutritional science to your door. Brainchild of entrepreneur Vsevolod Zasorin, HOLY is a new type of service aimed at those who want to eat healthy, environmentally conscious food – and even reach fitness goals on a completely plant-based diet – without sacrificing taste and enjoyment.

Research revealed two key challenges: concern that a 100% vegan diet could not fully meet all nutrition needs (especially for fitness-oriented audiences), and a perceived lack of variety and flavour within the vegan menu. Crucially, research showed that younger audiences actively interested in a vegan diet are turned off by the seriousness and sometimes self-righteous tone associated with vegan diets.

Self Studio were chosen to develop the branding for this ambitious value proposition, including a distinct posi- tioning, name, visual identity, and a website where customers can create their own bespoke vegan meal plans based on their personal nutritional requirements.

“The brand positioning unites the strong scientific message with a joyful irreverence that cuts through with both existing and new (vegan) audiences, balancing the inherent idealism of veganism with a touch of confident self- awareness. The slight irreverence evoked within the name Holy, informed the creative direction on language and visual identity, opening rich creative tensions between the sacred, the scientific and the playful, both visually and verbally” explains creative director and Self Studio co-founder Ivan Gostev.

“We designed and built a clever website that on the one hand empowers users to configure and customise their meal plans based on individual health needs; and on the other – enables the Holy team to schedule production, manage kitchens and cooking, content and nutrition, packaging and deliveries” – adds Michael Gostev, Head of Product and co-founder at Self.

Vsevolod Zasorin, Holy CEO concludes, “Self transferred my vision into a remarkable brand and product. From market research and strategy to building and designing our complex nutritional platform and website – all the way we were in safe, talented hands. I really think we achieved something special here”.

Source: Self Studio

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