Sept 21 Sees Wholey Moly Add A Pistachio & Lemon Healthier Living Cookie To Its Full-Bodied Flavour Locker AND Secure Breakthrough Ocado & Sainsbury’s Listings

When the pandemic took hold, it perhaps wasn’t surprising so see the biscuits category roll up its collective sleeves and fulfil its role as the nation’s most popular permissible comfort food and dependable indulgence, because, despite our nation’s evolving food landscape, the UK’s love affair with biscuits remains undiminished.  Today Brits continue to buy a staggering £8m worth of biscuits each and every day, which helps explain how the UK continues to enjoy the highest per capita biscuit consumption in the world! 

With healthier-leaning biscuits now accounting for a staggering 26% of the UK biscuit market, fuelled by a growing appetite for intriguing eating on-the-hoof formats, the Wholey Moly team knew its ‘cookies with benefits’ mantra resonated louder than ever, with a growing public belief that sincere, healthy yet tasty flavour convictions (50% less sugar) is never an excuse to settle for humdrum flavours and mundane textures.  

Having recently upped the indulgence ante of its Orange and Hazelnut lines by swapping out cacao for dark choc chips, Meenesh found himself wanting a third ‘hero’ flavour to set tongues wagging and taste buds swooning.  ‘Having already championed hazelnuts, almonds and cashews in our recipes, we wanted to provide a fitting stage for the sublime pistachio to shine, coupled with lemon to provide a discreet yet delightfully citrus twang.’ 

Proud new listings in Ocado & Sainsbury’s shows that Lockdown was in retrospect a helpful time for husband & wife founders, Meenesh & Parul to revisit their brand and initiate a number of small yet telling range tweaks that underlined the brand’s status as a leading light within the vegan, high-in-fibre/gluten-free cookie movement.  Besides the arrival of a Pistachio Lemon offering, Wholey Moly have enhanced their recipes to create a less crumbly, more soft-centred cookie, raised essential additional investment to build its DTC/online and moved to planet-friendly recyclable paper packaging to reaffirm its status as a brand that tastes good and is good for both you and the wider planet.

‘The last 12 months have been a whirlwind for us,’ concludes Meenesh‘as we fine-tuned our  4-strong range to be the at the very top of its game, from both a taste and healthier living perspective, without ever compromising our core ‘indulgent fun’ persona.’ 

Source: Wholey Moly

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