Shields Design Creates The 1620 Winery’s Wine Bar and Winery Branding

The 1620 Winery, in Plymouth Massachusetts, is a great example of a successful brand and when owners Raquel and Bob Mullaney needed to brand their new Wine Bar and Winery, they called on Shields Design Studio to create the visual look for their venture.

There are two different but very connected locations at the 1620 Winery, each with its own personality and purpose. The 1620 Winery at Cordage Park serves two purposes. It is a venue for weddings, corporate events and other festive gatherings, as well as the home to their award-winning winemaking operation. The second venue, the 1620 Wine Bar on the Plymouth Waterfront, is a social hotspot with live entertainment and a full tapas menu serving wine and cocktails.

Shield’s Design Creative Director Sally McCarthy explains the design assignment, “What makes their brand so successful is that it continues to evolve and grow. The new logo needed to feel immediate, as if you were on site experiencing the taste of the wine and hearing the sound of the waves along the Plymouth Waterfront. When a number of logos were presented, Raquel immediately zeroed in on one of the logo options saying, ‘that’s it, I love it!’ The logo hit the mark and they never looked back. It is not always that easy but when it works, it works! “

“Additionally, the idea of initiating a V.I.P. program for 1620 Winery was discussed. This would include discounted wine making classes and tastings, but best of all, a series of wines offered exclusively to V.I.P. members. We mulled over what the ‘club’ would be called. The idea of ‘The Wine Cult’ first came up as a joke, but it stuck! The look would need to be a bit gothic, while still being accessible,“ McCarthy adds.

According to McCarthy. “The Wine Cult labels required a very high level of illustration, each featuring a different, unique illustration of a creature or character in a gothic scene. The time and creative energy involved in creating these works of art were well worth it.  Megan James, the artist responsible for creating these labels, has a unique style that will always be required to maintain the same level of excellence.”

Source: Shields Design

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