SIG and Framptons bring stand out packaging innovation to the plant-based beverage market


SIG recently partnered with contract packing solutions specialist Framptons to install a new generation combidome filling machine, the first of its kind in the UK. Now Framptons will further support the plant-based sector, as start-up Lilk becomes one of the first in the UK to launch new beverages in SIG’s unique carton bottle combidome.

There has been a rapid increase in demand for plant-based innovation in the UK, with much of the growth coming from young and dynamic brand owners, such as Lilk, who often start with small volumes. Working closely with the team at Framptons, start-up companies now have the opportunity for their products to be co-packed and supported through the entire production journey, to bring exciting plant-based innovation to market in the unique combidome carton pack.

The distinctive combidome is very much a disruptor in the plant-based sector, standing out with its unique look and shape. Lilk will launch two plant-based products in combidome: The Common Blend Oat & Rice and The Lush Blend Oat, Coconut & Quinoa. With Framptons as the co-packer, Lilk can clearly differentiate its new products, which blend the best seeds and grains, ensuring they stand out in this unique packaging solution.

Will Martin, Business Development Director and Joint Owner at Framptons, commented: “Being the first in the UK to offer our plant- based customers, such as Lilk, the chance to use combidome presents an exciting innovation opportunity. Both the aesthetics and practical function provide a step change in carton packaging and combidome also has an excellent environmental footprint. The two new Lilk beverages immediately stand out in combidome to offer consumers the best features of both a carton and bottle.”

With Framptons as the co-packer, young plant-based start-ups can now offer this uniquely eye-catching packaging for their products.

Russ Lisle, SIG UK & Ireland Key Account Manager: “The last five years have seen a massive increase in demand for plant-based beverages, with the UK leading the way as more consumers switch from traditional dairy products. Our partnership with Framptons, can offer smaller plant-based innovators the chance to elevate their new products in the marketplace and clearly differentiate from competitors in our combidome carton bottle.”

The partnership between SIG and Framptons creates a platform in the British and Irish markets to deliver innovative product and packaging solutions that enable businesses to satisfy ever-changing needs. 

Source: SIG

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