SIG extends combibloc ECOPLUS aluminium-free packaging material to fast-growing combiblocMidi format


SIG’s aluminium-free combibloc ECOPLUS solution is now available for the combiblocMidi family format, enabling dairy customers to choose this fast-growing squarish pack and tap into demand for more sustainable packaging at the same time. 

“By extending combibloc ECOPLUS – our world-first aluminium-free packaging material for aseptic cartons – to our fastest-growing family pack format, we are giving dairy companies more opportunities to differentiate their products and shape the trend towards squarish cartons for long-life milk while choosing the most sustainable solutions on the market,” said Ana Ruiz del Árbol, Marketing Manager Iberia at SIG. “Sustainable innovations like this are central to SIG’s commitment to partner with customers and go Way Beyond Good for people and the planet.”

Leading the industry on sustainable innovation

Launched in 2010, combibloc ECOPLUS leads the industry as the first and only aluminium-free packaging material for aseptic carton packs. This innovative solution further enhancing the positive environmental performance of aseptic carton packs is made from 82% renewable paper board, with ultra-thin polymer layers to contain and protect products over long periods of time. 

Initially offered in the 1 litre brick format, combibloc ECOPLUS is well established in the dairy market. More than 1 billion SIG packs have been sold with combibloc ECOPLUS packaging material as customers respond to growing global demand for low-carbon, sustainable packaging solutions.

Launching a second popular format

SIG is now increasing availability of aluminium-free packaging by extending combibloc ECOPLUS to a second format. combiblocMidi is SIG’s fastest-growing modern family pack, with the squarish format rapidly increasing in popularity for long-life milk.

Adding this option enhances opportunities for customers to differentiate their products with a pack that offers both on-shelf appeal and stand-out environmental credentials.

The first products in combiblocMidi with combibloc ECOPLUS packaging material will be available in Spain, filled at Leche Celta.

Partnering to go Way Beyond Good

The extension of combibloc ECOPLUS to a second format reinforces SIG’s position in the market as the only supplier of aluminium-free aseptic carton packaging solutions. This further strengthens SIG’s opportunities to go Way Beyond Good for customers, society and the environment. 


Source: SIG

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