Sing For Your Unsung Hero This Christmas: Aero® Bliss Launches A Series Of Personalised Doorstep Carol Concerts

Despite 89% of Brits being grateful for someone in their life, almost half (43%) admit they find it difficult to show appreciation to their nearest and dearest with 46% agreeing it makes them ‘feel embarrassed’ Brits spend an average of 18 hours preparing for Christmas, with women taking on the lion’s share of the work spending an average of 20 hours, and men an average of 15 hours Only 1% agree that they’re most grateful for their mother-in-law Aero® Bliss wants to help Brits express their gratitude this Christmas and spread little moments of bliss, by offering the chance for people to receive an exclusive doorstep carol concert

As we reach the end of another turbulent year that has seen us lean on family and friends more than ever before, new research* by Aero® Bliss reveals that Brits struggle to show appreciation towards their closest loved ones. Whilst many of us agree that we’re feeling grateful towards friends and family this Christmas (89%), the study reveals that almost half of us (43%) find it difficult to show it, with over a quarter (28%) agreeing that they forget or don’t have time (20%). Shockingly, one in ten of us admit that we only express our appreciation twice a year or less, with 7% of men agreeing they never express their gratitude.

If the past two years have taught us anything about relationships with friends and family, it’s to not take them for granted. Whilst half of Brits (50%) feel more grateful for their family now than they did before the pandemic, it’s about time we started to show it; receiving a word or letter of thanks or gratitude makes us feel happy (47%), touched (46%) and special (34%). So, what better time to spread festive cheer than at Christmas, as Brits admit to spending an average of 18 hours preparing for the festive season, going above and beyond to look after those around them.

To help us say ‘thank you’ to those we’re most grateful for this year, Aero® Bliss is asking Brits to nominate their unsung hero for the chance to win an exclusive carol concert on their very own doorstep. The Aero Bliss Choir will be visiting winners in both London and Manchester to spread festive cheer on the 16th and 17th December. Alongside their doorstep concert, those selected will also receive a selection of Aero Bliss goodies, and a personalised thank you note. To find out more and to nominate your unsung hero, head to the Aero Instagram channel @aerochocolateuki**. 

When it comes to who we’re most grateful for in life, the heart won’t lie, with our other halves taking the biscuit (34%), mums coming in a close second (21%), followed by our kids (17%). According to Brits, our in-laws aren’t worthy of as much gratitude, with only 1% agreeing that they’re most grateful for their mother-in-law or father-in-law – a recipe for an awkward Christmas if you ask us!

And if we’re in need of any further inspiration on how to best show our appreciation to those that have helped us this year, we may want to look to the continent. According to Brits, Italy, Spain and France are best at showing their appreciation for others, followed by North America – clearly, they’re not conscious of coming across as ‘too emotional’ like us Brits (35%).

Amy Bennett-Inge, Brand Manager for Aero® commented: “The last few years have really brought home the importance of friends and family – and there is no better time than Christmas to say a special ‘thank you’ to those who keep us smiling through good times and through bad. That’s why this year we’re encouraging Brits to sing for their unsung hero and send a bespoke ‘thank you’ to those that make every day that bit more special.”

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Source: Aero

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