Soreen launch new on-pack promotion with FREE have-a-go sports sessions with every purchase

Leading British manufacturer of the nation’s favourite Malt Loaf, Soreen, has announced an exciting new on-pack promotion that offers free ‘have-a-go sports sessions’, as well as 15% off dhb sportswear, available to buy at Wiggle, with every pack purchased throughout the summer.

The new promotion is supported by leading sports partners, Wiggle, Funky Moves, The Mindfulness App, Yoga Warrior and Auro – brands synonymous with health, fun, wellness and expert classes – designed to get people of all ages active, from the health-conscious families to the young professionals, fitness lovers and all those just trying to up their exercise.

The promotion has been adapted to ensure customers can claim free sessions even during lockdown, with several digital offerings available that can be enjoyed at home now. Equally, customers that would prefer to wait to visit a particular venue to enjoy the free ‘have-a-go sports sessions’ can do so given that the redemption period now extends on into next year. 

Mark Simester, MD at Soreen said: “Soreen has always been a firm family favourite throughout the UK, loved by children, families, fitness fans and athletes due to its great nutritional values, but we’re also associated with adventure, activity and fitness, championing healthy living in general. Hence, we have always encouraged and supported the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, not only through nutrition, but also through investing in people’s general wellbeing.

“For many of us in self-isolation, the coronavirus feels as though it has put some of our much-loved leisure activities, or freedom on hold. However, increasing numbers of people are using this time to get fit and healthy. 

“Now more so than ever, we recognise that there’s an upsurge in demand for online fitness activity, which is why we’re giving people the chance to try something new and enjoy workouts at home this summer with our latest on-pack promotion. The free classes, available through our sports partners, range from meditation and yoga to working out with an audio trainer across various disciplines.”

Featured on six of Soreen’s best-selling products, the promotion will give every customer the opportunity to gain free ‘have-a-go sports sessions’, some of which can be enjoyed at home now including the option to enjoy three free classes with Funky Moves Online, providing high quality dance classes for children of all ages, as well as three months free with The Mindfulness App, two months free with Yoga Warrior and a 45-day free period with Auro. 

The promotion also includes a partnership with Wiggle, offering customers the option to enjoy 15% off Wiggle’s dhb sportswear range, which includes cycling clothing, footwear and accessories. Every pack purchased provides the customer with access to all these fabulous offers.

Bethan Brown, Marketing Director at Soreen commented: “ Our products are unique in the sense that they provide a treat-like taste but with lower the sugar and lower the fat than the average cake bar, as well as providing a squidgy energy boost, making Soreen the ideal snack to accompany a healthy and active lifestyle. 

“Our new on-pack promotion taps into consumers’ desire to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and we want to encourage people to stay active during the lockdown period. With no commuting time built in, or time restrictions to contend with, you can get the day started with a high energy workout, or go for a spin at lunchtime, and then wind down with a long yoga class and meditation in the evening. A broad range of activities are available, so you can benefit from your preferred choice at a time that suits you, or your family.

“We’re also delighted to be working with some great partners on this promotion to provide our customers with an expansive range of home fitness opportunities, as well as the opportunity to benefit from a discount on Wiggle’s DHB sportswear range, given that Soreen is now very much synonymous with cycling.” 

The iconic British baker is increasingly recognised nationally as fuel for exercise and a tasty energy source. Soreen’s core loaves are favoured as a great start to the day, whilst their Lunchbox Loaves range are highly popular amongst children and families as a great snack to enjoy throughout the day, as well as being the perfect lunchbox accompaniment when the schools reopen. 

Source: Soreen

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