Supergood! – Bake free from the rules

Derek&Eric helped rejuvenate a delicious baking brand.



Supergood! (previously known as Superfood Bakery) was born from the desire to make baking more accessible to people looking for a healthier alternative, or with specific dietary requirements.

They found that their proposition was too functional and their architecture too complex; failing to make the emotional connection with consumers required to build brand awareness and loyalty.

How do you bring the joy of baking to a new generation, whilst retaining better-for-you credentials?


Healthier baking requires the freedom to think and act creatively. Sometimes, the buttoned up, gingham laced rules need to be thrown out of the window.

We took this spirit and popped it in the proving drawer, creating a visual system that captures the exuberant physical nature of baking – from the swish swish of the whisk in the mixing bowl, to the chomp chomp of crumbs scattering over your plate.

The use of white and a clean, editorial layout style ensured continuity, the clear stand out of important messaging and ease of navigation across a wide portfolio.

When combined, these ingredients make the perfect bake.

Source: Derek&Eric

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