Taco Bell Launches ‘World’s Hottest Idea’

Deutsch LA has created two spots to demonstrate just how hot its new Fiery DLT is—in two languages.

In “The World’s Hottest Idea,” a series of characters debate the next Taco Bell DLT favor, oblivious to the fact that they are surrounded by fire themselves. Most of the fire was shot on camera as practical effects, and the scene with the steelworkers was shot in a foundry that had almost burned down three days before.

The ad was shot by Matt Aselton, who also shot PlayStation’s “Cubs Win” for Deutsch LA. One more production detail: The movie marquee in the last frame, “Gordy and Brian Take on Delaware,” refers to the creative team who created only this spot—and Glencobrooke is the name of the theater in this ad as well as the retirement home in their Super Bowl commercial for Taco Bell, Viva Young.

“No Pican” is the first commercial from the Deutsch LAtino multicultural marketing practice, and will be targeting Latino audiences on networks such as Telemundo and Univision. In the spot, shown here with subtitles, people eating the Fiery DLT try to deny that the taco is spicy with increasingly elaborate excuses. The ad is directed by Esteban Sapir, an Argentinean film and commercial director.

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