Take an American Road Trip with Burger King UK

19159_Route66_501x299L_BurgersONLYOn 13th January, Burger King is re-introducing its limited edition menu Route 66, in participating restaurants across the UK. The line-up boasts a range of delicious burgers, sides and drinks; including the brand new side Chorizo Bites.

Start your journey with a hearty Chicago Steakhouse; featuring a Whopper patty, bacon, crispy onions, white cheddar cheese and salad, all topped off with a serving of peppercorn sauce.

Or, take a trip to the Deep South with the Texas Crunchy Whopper, featuring aWhopper patty, crunchy potato rosti, crispy bacon with American cheese and mayo. Tangy BBQ sauce gives it an authentic southern flavour.

Finally, be transported to the West Coast with the California Chicken Tendercrisp; a perfect combination of a Tendercrisp patty, crispy onions, white cheddar cheese, salad and mayo. The burger is finished with chipotle ranch sauce to add a depth of flavour.

All burgers will be available for the RRP of £4.99, or £6.69 as part of a meal.

If that’s not enough to tickle your taste-buds, the line-up also features two sides. Chicken strips are joined by brand new Chorizo Bites; a twist on the classic mozzarella bites featuring cheese combined with pieces of tasty chorizo. Chorizo Bites are available for the RRP of £2.49 for two pieces and £3.99 for four.

Route 66 will be available until the 15th March 2016.

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