The Flava People Expands Guinness Range With Gravy And Sauces Portfolio

The Flava People has teamed up with Diageo to launch a new range of Guinness sauces – including the first Guinness Ketchup and a Smoky BBQ sauce.

The new range – which launches in Tesco stores this month – also includes a Beef & Onion stir in gravy mix, the fifth product to hit shelves under the brand’s Guinness portfolio.

Dubbed ‘the beer of taste’ and loved by chefs across the world, Guinness adds a recognisable malty, smoky flavour to everyday cupboard essentials.

Part of a wider partnership with Diageo, the ‘Guinness Kitchen’ portfolio is aimed at targeting foodies and beer lovers. The range aims to align with shoppers who enjoy experimenting with home cooking but rely on base, easy to use ingredients and ready-made add-ons to create intense, delicious flavours.

Guinness Smoky BBQ sauce and Guinness Ketchup are a twist on Britain’s much loved classic table sauces – sweet and smoky, they are packed full of flavour and add a little oomph to everyday meals.

The two condiments – issued in a 200ml bottle – will be listed across 275 Tesco stores from April 11th RRP £2.00. The Beef & Onion gravy mix is available in 35g sachets and is now listed across 379 Tesco Stores RRP: £1.00.

In September 2021, The Flava People launched a ‘Guinness Cooking Paste’ to target the ‘wet herbs’ shopper in Tesco stores. The product has proven popular with shoppers in its first quarter.

Brand manager Olivia Parkes for Guinness Kitchen, The Flava People, said: “Guinness is a beer with a unique standing in the world of food and has long been associated with hearty home cooking and delicious flavour. The new sauces are designed to expand shoppers’ relationship with Guinness and food beyond that of the traditional – providing more premium, flavoursome alternatives on household cupboard staples, perfect as we enter the summer BBQ months.

We’re now building the range with products suited to entry level through to accomplished cook, meaning we can capture consumers and introduce them to the concept of Guinness with food through the comfort-food they traditionally associate with the brand like pies and gravy, before transitioning them to more experimental formats and cooking with the Guinness flavour as an ingredient.”

To support the Guinness Kitchen launch The Flava People are investing in marketing activities across multiple touch-points, including PR outreach, digital recipe inspiration with MOB Kitchen and activation on 

The Flava People was born in the British butchery trade in Manchester in 1976 and is now a third-generation family business. Through seasonings and sauces, restaurant and retail, The Flava People use an unrivalled multi-channel knowledge, extensive expertise, and unwavering passion for food to deliver collaborative creations, profitable products and a taste at every touchpoint.

In 2021, The Flava People also launched three stir-in Guinness Recipe Mixes in Tesco alongside their Cooking Paste; Steak & Guinness Ale Pie, Chilli Con Carne and Sausage Casserole, RRP £1.00, with further products in the range to be listed later this year.

Source: The Flava People

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