the happy egg co. Girls Offer Tips for A Perfect Valentine’s Day

yourfileFor thousands of men across the world, determining how to celebrate Valentine’s Day can be one of the most stressful decisions they’ll make all year.

This year, the “Girls,” or the hens on the happy egg co. farm, have prepared a fool-proof plan to help men celebrate the one they love while staying firmly rooted in the hen house all at once.

A recent Money Talks News survey found that nearly one third of Americans believe that the most desired Valentine’s Day gift this year is a romantic date.

What is a man to do if they can’t afford to shell out for an expensive supper and jewelry, or if this weekday celebration will leave you fried by dinnertime?

The Girls at the happy egg co. recommend that men take a more thoughtful approach this year and prepare breakfast at home for their favorite “chick.”

To help men celebrate the one they love, the Girls recommend the following tips:

1. What are you, chicken? Try a new recipe! Nothing says loving like something from the oven, and what could be more loving than serving eggs from hens that are truly loved by their farmers?

Happy eggs from the happy egg co. shine in dishes like the chic Gorgonzola Soufflé and the cheery Sunshine Benedict, created by especially by renowned chefs The Grub Gals for the happy egg co.

The easy-to-follow recipes are sure to encourage a peck or two from your sweetheart who might also swoon when she learns that you’re “friends” with these celebrity chefs.

2. Spread your wings, spread the love! Skip the chocolates and champagne and instead, serve her something that shows you’ve got heart. From grass-fed beef to Fair Trade coffee, more people are conscious of where their food comes from.

Truly Free Range eggs from happy hens that are free to roam over 4 acres of pasture show that you not only have a taste for the best ingredients on the market, but that you also care about the quality of life for others — including animals.

3. Keep her happy all day! Continue the romance by encouraging her to live like a Free Range hen. Yes, living like a feathered friend may seem a bit off, but when you consider that the Girls have daily access to the outdoors, healthy meals with no additives, and plenty of exercise and playtime, it is clear that scheduling a walk in the park, or an appointment at her local day spa, is something your Valentine will appreciate.

“Our Girls, both the hens on the happy egg co. farm and your Valentine, give us so much. It is only right that we treat them well,” said Cyd Syzmanski, third generation chicken farmer and eggs-pert at the happy egg co. “Why not show your loved ones how much you care by treating them to a special day filled with delicious Free Range fun from the happy egg co.” 

For more information about how to have an egg-ceptional Valentine’s Day with the happy egg co., flock to or cluck alongside the Girls at or @HappyEggCoUSA.

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