The Pinter launches. Make Fresh Beer at home for the first time

The Future of Beer is here. Make Fresh Beer at home for the very first time with the Pinter. The Pinter combines timeless craft brewing with revolutionary technology to enable anyone to make 10 pints of lager, IPA, pilsner or fruit cider from the comfort of their home. Compared to off the shelf beer the Pinter has 70% less packaging and reduces your carbon footprint by 50%. The Pinter’s launch price is £75. This includes two Pinter Packs containing all you need to make Fresh Beer. These can be delivered through your letterbox, another world first for beer and because there’s no alcohol at the point of sale, nobody needs to be in to sign for it. There’s also an option to join The Fresh Beer Club - an upfront or monthly subscription for just £12 per month.

After years in development The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co has today launched the Pinter, combining age-old craft brewing techniques with revolutionary new technology.  For the very first time, this precision-engineered product enables anyone to make 10 pints of quality Fresh Beer at home. The world’s best brewers are unanimous in their opinion that Fresh Beer is the best beer. The flavour of beer develops during the fermentation process (this happens inside the Pinter) and loses it during storage, in cans and bottles on the shelf. The beer you drink from a can did not start life tasting that way and most people are unaware their beer has been stored for months. If it’s on a shelf, it’s not fresh. When you drink Fresh Beer from the Pinter, you know that you’re tasting beer the way it’s supposed to. 

The Future of Beer is here, until this moment, it was impossible to experience the joy of drinking truly Fresh Beer at home. Before today if you wanted to experience Fresh Beer you had to visit a brewery’s tap room, now with the Pinter, your front room can be your taproom. Order online and in a world first beer will arrive the next day through your letterbox, in Pinter Packs that contain all you need to make your own fresh lager, IPA, pilsner or fruit cider.  

A Pinter Pack contains all you need: a Fresh Press, Brewing Yeast and Purifier. What’s a Fresh Press? Fresh Presses are the craft behind Fresh Beer. They contain ten pints worth of a bottled mix of premium malt, hops (or fruit) and water, all carefully chosen by The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co. Master Brewer to ensure their quality. Simply add the ingredients from the Pinter Pack into the Pinter, click it into the Brewing Dock, let it brew for two to five days (dependent on drink), place it in the fridge to condition and you’re good to go with the flexibility to moderate the amount you drink whilst the Pinter keeps your beer fresh.

The environmental benefits of the Pinter are nothing short of stunning. It is not an evolution of sustainable design but a revolution. The Co2 impact of transportation, packaging and production for shop bought, imported beers is huge in comparison with the Pinter. There’s 70% less packaging and 50% less Co2 for every 10 pints you get from the Pinter when compared to a similar amount of unfresh beer (i.e. 17 x 330ml bottles or cans of imported lager).

The Pinter’s launch price of £75 (including two Pinter Packs) and Pinter Packs are available online starting from just £12 for 10 pints. A subscription service is also available, join The Fresh Beer Club – an upfront or monthly subscription from just £12 per month. 

Ralph Broadbent CEO of The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co. said:

The Pinter has taken us years to develop, as the pioneers of Fresh Beer our ambition is no less than to change the way people drink. With the Pinter we’re going to deliver a new world of fresh beer into people’s homes. Everyone would drink brewery fresh beer if they could, the Pinter now means they can.” 

Source: The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co

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