The Tea Makers Launch New Darjeeling Range

kurseong-darjeeling-tea1It’s good news for fans of Darjeeling tea – Luxury loose leaf tea specialist; The Tea Makers introduce their highly anticipated Darjeeling First Flush 2016 range.

The Darjeeling First Flush 2016 collection includes a range of teas from renowned gardens; Jungpana, Margaret’s Hope and Makaibari. These estates have been making top quality teas for over 100 years, and have remained popular amongst Darjeeling lovers across the world.

Darjeeling teas are one of the most revered teas in the world and are often known as the champagne amongst teas, which is why their introduction is eagerly awaited each year.

From today, tea lovers can purchase and enjoy any of the following Darjeeling teas via The Tea Makers online store.

‘Margaret’s Hope First Flush Darjeeling’, is an exceptional tea that boasts a deeply rich and full bodied aroma accented by stunning hints of muscatel.

Darjeeling-teaThe signature ‘Jungpana First Flush Darjeeling’, which is a superior grade black tea from one of the globally hailed Jungpana estates of Darjeeling that features a delicate and bright liquor, with a bold but balanced astringency.

Alternatively, tea lovers can taste the ‘Makaibari First Flush Darjeeling’, which is plucked immediately after winter when the plants are bursting with succulent flavour.

As an exciting addition to the above, The Tea Makers have also introduced a Darjeeling First Flush from the Niroulla estate. The Niroulla tea combines the delicately fruity note of Darjeeling with the smoke of pine oak.

As the name implies, these teas are made only from the first harvest of the spring buds, therefore come in limited quality.

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