Tiana Stays True To Its Roots By Championing Ramadan & Eid Promotions

It’s interesting to note that there are 132 pet food producing companies operating throughout the Europe and not one of them produces halal-friendly pet food.  

To this day Tiana stands tall as a 3-strong grain-free range of freeze-dried cat food made from only all-natural, human-grade ingredients which marries a steely commitment to champion the distinct needs of an increasingly influential, cat loving Muslim community with wider ‘sustainable production’ ambitions.

This April, during the pivotal Ramadan/Eid period Tiana has initiated a number of targeted online loyalist initiatives where everything from Air Pods and MacBook Air to an all-inclusive Hajj trip are up for grabs.     

It was a year ago that Tiana founder Pankaj Hurria (an established pet food buyer) had his interest pricked via a throwaway comment from his good friend’s mother explaining how many Muslim pet parents go to extra-ordinary time-consuming lengths to make homemade cat food using suitable ingredients.  In dawned on Pankaj that this was a neglected marketplace need because for all the incredible lengths the pet industry was going to marrying changing human dietary priorities (coeliac, vegan, paleo, enhanced gut health, vitamin PLUS + specific health-based benefits (joint pain, joints…)no-one had really tackled pet owners with unique religious needs.   

Tiana’s halal-friendly stance is geared specifically at millennial/professional women looking to juggle busy careers with family traditions.  Throw in the fact that the range is made using state-of-the-art tech and its clear to see that Tiana is establishing a unique pet food proposition with a distinct sustainable stance , because the removal of 70% moisture (significant weight) means that the inevitable carbon footprint associated with transport/storage is dramatically reduced.

Besides enjoying a substantial diehard online following an Amazon stronghold Tiana is currently at last stage discussions with a number of the UK’s leading pet food specialists whilst simultaneously playing to its export potential strengths.

Source: Tiana

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