Tranquini – the beverage start-up with a global footprint set to de-stress UK consumers

Innovative drinks brand carving itself a new market sector

  • Tranquini is the first premium natural relaxation drinks brand in the fast-growing functional beverages category
  • The relaxation drinks are now available in 39 countries worldwide, including the UK
  • The company is led by Founder and Chief Relaxation Officer, Ahmed Elafifi who has over 25 years of experience in the consumer goods and beverage industries, having held senior positions at Red Bull and Coca Cola
  • Launching in response to increasing consumer interest in wellbeing, health and mindfulness products
  • According to a recent PWC report total UK spending on healthcare, wellness and fitness is forecast to be £209bn in 2020

Tranquini, the world’s first premium natural relaxation drinks brand, is shaking up the UK beverage sector following its recent entry into the marketplace.

Following consumer trends which lean towards de-stress and relaxation beverages, Tranquini has developed its product range creating the first global de-stress and active relaxation drink.

Tranquini enters the UK market at a time when its healthcare and wellbeing market is currently valued at £180bn and growing rapidly. The sector is forecast to be worth £209bn in 2020 according to a recent report by Price Waterhouse Coopers.

A healthy alternative to soft drinks, Tranquini® products contain at least 40% less sugar and calories than most regular soft drinks and natural juices.

A non-drowsy relaxation beverage that can be enjoyed at any time, Tranquini is particularly effective when there is a need to de-stress and focus. Tranquini contains a select blend of extracts from naturally occurring Chamomile, Lavender, Lemon Balm and Green Tea – a natural source of Theanine (which helps increase mental focus and concentration).

All of these ingredients are scientifically proven to provide a de-stressing effect and an ability to perform well in stress conditions without causing drowsiness.

The company believes that the products will resonate with the ‘millennial’ marketplace where Tranquini®’s health-focused product development has really struck a chord with ‘the stressed generation’ driving the vast fortunes of the UK health and wellbeing sector.

The products and brand have been developed by a team with over 200 years’ experience at well-known global soft-drinks organisations, including founder Ahmed Elafifi, who has previously held senior business development and marketing positions at Coca Cola and Red Bull.

Ahmed Elafifi – Founder & Chief Relaxation Officer

Before founding Tranquini®, Austrian-Egyptian Elafifi spent more than a decade at Red Bull, driving the company’s growth, managing multi-national campaigns and serving as a key member of its Executive Board. Elafifi completed the global roll out of the Red Bull business and brand in 58 countries, growing its turnover from €40m to €800m.

Billed as Tranquini’s Chief Relaxation Officer Elafifi was inspired to create Tranquini® by perceiving a change in the beverages industry and a movement away from regular sugary soft drinks.

Speaking about Tranquini, Mr Elafifi said: “We developed Tranquini to help with modern life stresses in a range of scenarios that require focus and a positive mindset. The Tranquini brand promotes a positive, healthy lifestyle and can help people to feel focused and at their best.

“People are smarter than ever before when it comes to how best take care of their dietary and emotional well-being. Also, never before has consumer consciousness surrounding the dangers of excessive sugar been so acute. We are proud to be creating products that sit at the very core of these principles and look forward to strengthening our position as the first global relaxation drinks company.”

Source: Tranquini

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