Wheelys crowdfunding campaign breaks Nordic overfunding records on FundedByMe

Wheelys Café closed their campaign on FundedByMe this week after reaching 410% of their funding goal. The campaign, which secured more than €740,000 from 167 investors, breaks the record for most overfunded equity crowdfunded campaign on FundedByMe, previously held by Berries by Astrid, a campaign that raised €244,000 from 171 investors in record time, reaching 380% of its crowdfunding goal.

“Watching the Wheelys campaign launch, succeed and close has been thrilling,” says Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder of FundedByMe. “This is what crowdfunding is all about – presenting a hot opportunity to the crowd and having them react in record time. This proves again that smart entrepreneurs with a brilliant business idea and a solid network stands to gain tremendously from crowdfunding.”

And the Wheelys team is equally excited; “It’s been a great experience and we are overwhelmed by the interest from the crowd,” says co-founder and CEO Maria De La Croix. “Crowdfunding has been a great complement to VC investment and we’ll definitely do it again as we have gained money, brand awareness and a host of international talented fans,” she continues.

The Wheelys team is already in discussions with FundedByMe about a future round on FundedByMe and many crowd investors who were not included in this round will be offered early bird opportunities in the next round.

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