‘World’s Smallest Restaurant’ Only Seats 2 Diners at a Time

Rest1Located in Vacone, central Italy, the restaurant ‘Solo Per Due’ embodies its philosophy as it means “just for two” in Italian.

The restaurant only caters to two people at a time as the owner, Remi Di Claudio would like couples to experience an exclusive dining experience.

Those who would like to dine there would have to email well in advance, as the restaurant only serves less than 1,500 people in a year, although it operates during both lunch and dinner time.

Once guests walk through the candle-lit driveway, their special experience begins as they are greeted by the owner himself.

The staff of the restaurant will tend to the couple exclusively, serving them homemade pasta and bread, wild fruits and mushrooms as well as local confections.

The décor of the restaurant looks like that of a 19th century building, which makes the experience more authentic.

Dining there costs approximately US$334 per person, and many seem satisfied with this experience as they have written about rave reviews in a “Memory Book”, giving feedback to the staff.

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